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Welcome to
St Paul’s United Methodist Church!

April 20, 2014

Welcome to our
Resurrection Day Worship Service

  Today’s Gospel reading is from the Gospel according to Saint Matthew.  It tells of the physical resurrection: the earthquake, the rolling away of the stone, the appearance of the resurrected figure, what happened to those guards who were placed at the sight to keep watch at the tomb, the women – Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, the messenger (angel) at the tomb, the empty tomb and the direction the messenger gave the women. Matthew seems to have been trying to cover all the crucial points of the event. How the resurrection happened? Who were there? What happened to those who were there? What happened to those who came to embalm the body? And very importantly, by whose power did this event occur?
  What are the things concerning life and death that come to mind as you contemplate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ? We know very little about death and still less about life after death! This, sometimes, makes us fearful, resentful and even angry at death and doubtful concerning life after death. Many of us are afraid to even talk about death and as to life after death we say nothing at all! Resurrection tells us that God is in control of life and death and life after death!
  May your heart and soul be blessed with new hope on this resurrection day because Jesus is your proto type of life after death.
  Look up! O doubting soul, look up! Eyes fixed upon the earth
can never see the life that finds in death its glorious birth?
  Look up! And ever looking up, Thine eyes shall clearly see
the tombs of earth filled with the light of immortality!

  A blessed Resurrection Day to you and yours,

Ernest Belisle (Pastor)